What is Interact?

Interact is a service club for youth ages 14-18. Clubs benefit from sponsorship by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance. Interact has a membership of over 250,000 youth in more than 11,000 clubs worldwide. It’s one of Rotary’s fastest growing programs. Interact clubs are self-governing and self-supporting and can be either school or community based.
Interact’s name is a combination of the words international and action. With clubs in over 120countries and geographical areas, Interact is truly an international phenomenon. Interact’s global youth network is dedicated to community and international service. Every Interact club project, great or small, has a lasting impact on society worldwide. Brazil, India, the Philippines, and the United States boast the highest number of Interact clubs.

Interact has four aims, they are:

INTERnational understanding,
     Aim at service,
       Communication with others, and;
         Training of leadership.

Major Goal of Interact:

A major goal of Interact is to provide opportunities for young people to create greater understanding and goodwill with youth throughout the world. Through services, international understanding projects and training programmes, Interactors often learn the importance of service and helping those in need. Their leadership is by the way developed. Interact can also train young people to be all-rounded. In addition, Interactors often form a service partnership with the sponsoring Rotarians, lending their enthusiastic support to a variety of Rotary projects. Not only can Interact provide a wide horizon for Interactors, through different projects, they can foster friendship with Rotarians, as well as contribute to society. Through these projects, Interactors "gain" Rotarians as good advisors, as well as the essential leadership that they need in the future.

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